Strategic and ESG Consulting

Nichefin Consulting Pte Ltd. is a financial advisory, sustainability management and reporting consulting firm that partners with corporate clients and executives to help them achieve their financial and sustainable objectives by enhancing their potential. We work actively with established corporates and start-ups to identify sustainable commitments and targets including (NET ZERO Targets)  and successfully implement the same by adopting global frameworks such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) , TCFD, CDP , GRESB and VRF. We not provide expertise and guidance but also tools to the corporates to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. We enable companies to improve their ESG scores by  focusing on end to end ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) solutions.

Nichefin Consulting has a long track record of  providing strategic, sustainability (ESG) and financial training. We believe in empowering executives and elevating their potential through their training and development with specially curated training content and well-designed programs which are a perfect blend of academic theories, latest research and practical insights.

Our team’s expertise in impact strategy development, performance management, financial advisory and project management provides a comprehensive consulting and training platform.

ESG Consulting

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  • My interaction with Dr. Nisha during our company's training and consulting have been very insightful. She has a wealth of information and knowledge which is very inspiring. Nichefin focuses on sustainability and ethics while helping organisations achieve their returns.

    Bernard Lee,
  • Nichefin Consulting helps companies focus on risk management while achieving their ESG goals. I attended a training program on Risk Management and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would highly recommend.

    Wisdom Mantsey ,
  • Nichefin Consulting enables digital transformation for companies. Nisha is very passionate and an organised professional who works with companies to achieve their goals. She is very thorough in her expert areas, mainly Finance, Sustainability and strategy. I was amazed by her humbleness, uprightness and constant care during the ERP implementation at Blue mountain. She is full with knowledge and experience and she is a great professional to work with.

    Jude Fernando,
  • Nichefin has helped many companies in securing funding in the form of debt and equity. Dr Nisha has strategic partnerships with equity investors and debt funders in various countries which enables her to provide financial advisory consulting at ease.

    Mr. Mehta,