ESG Consulting


“A year from now you’ll wish you started today”


With the growing trend of corporate sustainability, every business will be required to step up with a clear vision of corporate sustainability, and this is the time to start your journey with Nichefin Consulting. The three pillars within an ESG approach to sustainability are environmental, social, and governance.



Why is it important for you? 

ESG will be the differentiator between a business that is able to build their brand value and lead the market compared to a business which becomes obsolete and extinct due to neglect over ESG.

ESG approach grants a competitive advantage in every aspect of a business: Infrastructure and Operations, Investment and Valuation, and even Human Resources (HR) among many others in the future.


How can we help you?

Nichefin Consulting aims to elevate the potential of corporates who are eager to identify and manage ESG risks efficiently.  We work with businesses to design and bring their ESG related programs and efforts to life. Within each pillar, our partners can evaluate specific issues to determine the underlying potential in your corporate sustainability and design a balanced approach to long-term social, environmental, and economic objectives.



Our services
  • Developing Sustainable strategies integrating those with corporate strategies
  • Mapping, organising and managing ESG issues
  • Assessing ESG related risks and conducting ESG training and workshops
  • Preparing ESG related disclosures- SDG reporting, SASB Reporting, GRI Reporting
  • Engaging and communicating with stakeholders



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