Startup Consulting


Who knows that you will be the next unicorn


We are passionate about bringing positive change in the start-up ecosystem as well as corporate value creation. Our focus is only on those companies which qualify either as innovative, impactful or high margin potential companies and we are sector and  location agnostic. Our specialisation is in sifting out the winners and profitable companies by focusing on quality and evaluating businesses in depth. We actively get involved with founders and  look for commitment, experience, expertise, and the right mindset in them.  Our highly qualified channel partners and team members assess risk factors and present to investors only those which are worthy of investment.

At Nichefin we work with seed, early stage and growth firms 
  • Are you looking for funding your start-up or further growth/ expansion?
  • Has your product or service validated and gained traction?
  • Are you looking for the right market and technology for your idea?
  • Have you established your value proposition?
  • If you are a pre-seed firm (we can connect with reputed incubators)


   Our Services
  • We work with founders and make organisation funding ready.
  • Preparation of pitch decks, business plans and cash flows.
  • Recommend and implement necessary governance mechanisms required for raising finance.
  • Company incorporation in India or Singapore.
  • Building strategic, collaborations, alliances
  • Training and workshops to develop specific skills