Our Beliefs


Elevate your Potential

The vision of Nichefin is to elevate the potential of its clients through focusing on sustainability and stakeholder capitalism. We believe that each little step taken by companies towards sustainability can make this world a better place. Our vision is to make our corporate and individual clients impactful. 

At Nichefin we follow a growth mindset and help our clients to explore niche areas of growth and productivity while focusing on stakeholders. We enable companies to focus on returns while maintaining trust with their stakeholders.

ESG Reporting


      • To provide a common platform for sustainability (ESG) reporting, transformation of businesses and making them impactful.
      • To provide research driven knowledge, skills and access to resources.
      • To provide best in class and customised sustainability finance and strategy training programs.
      • To provide financial advisory services and enable growth of companies.
      • To participate in changing the economy and society as a whole by mentoring and helping the start-ups to develop their niche potentials.